1. Daily and Friday Prayers.
  2. IQRA Saturday Classes
  3. Sunday Islamic Education Program
  4. Weekday Evening Classes
  5. Various programs for adults throughout the year
  6. Marriage Services
  7. Funeral Services
  8. Youth Group (boys/girls)
  9. Family Night
  10. Interfaith program
  11. Ramadan Program
    Namaz – e – Taraweeh
    Community Iftar 
  12. Eid Salaat

Other Community Services:

  1. Representing Muslim community concerns and issues at various governmental and political forums
  2. Representing Muslim Community thru Inter-Faith activities
  3. Participation in Anti-Bias Task Force to protect Muslims against bias

Please contact Br. Syed Hafizur Rahman at  for information on the above programs and services.