1. Daily and Friday Salaat.
    1st Friday Salat @12:30 pm.
    2nd Friday Salat @1:30 pm.
  2. IQRA Saturday Classes
  3. Sunday Classes
  4. Evening Classes
  5. Various programs for adults throughout the year
  6. Marriage Services
  7. Funeral Services
  8. Saturday Youth Group (boys/girls)
  9. Family Night
  10. Interfaith program
  11. Ramadan Program
    Namaz – e – Travih
    Community Iftar 
  12. Eid Salaat

Other Community Services:

  1. Representing Muslim community concerns and issues at various governmental and political forums
  2. Representing Muslim Community thru Inter-Faith activities
  3. Participation in Anti-Bias Task Force to protect Muslims against bias

Please contact Br. Syed Hafizur Rahman at  for information on the above programs and services.