Sunday Islamic Education Program

Asalamualaikoum Parents,
We hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy inshAllah.
We hope everyone has been able to “re-charge” a bit this summer and is ready for the fall, however different it may be for all of us.
We would like to invite you to register online for the Sunday Program with the following link:

For the 2020-2021 school year we plan to begin classes virtually (via Zoom) on September 20th, 2020.  After careful consideration of the current situation and for the safety of our students and staff, we feel it is important to begin remotely at first.  Inshallah, things will improve and in January another decision will be made as to whether we can  have in person classes at the Masjid or not. In addition, the curriculum has been revised to integrate the subjects more and make the learning more cohesive and fluid.  We have adopted new books to use that have been reviewed at length by scholars/sheiks and the texts are also used in many other successful programs throughout the U.S. 

Classes will begin @ 11:00am, instead of 10:00 am. There will be 1 session for Pre/K for one and a half hours.There will be 2 sessions for levels 1-4 for one hour and 15 minutes each.There will be 2 sessions for levels 5-7 for one hour and a half each.

REGISTRATION DAYS:We will be at the masjid on Sunday August 30th and September 6th from 10:00am to 12:30pm to review and verify submitted online registration information and collect tuition fees in cash and checks. (Credit card payments will be available on the Masjid Website). PLEASE fill in an online form for EACH STUDENT before coming to pay the tuition on these dates.

Classes will begin on September 20th, Please register with the online form as soon as you can in order to get your books on time!

IALI Sunday Program Administration
Wael Gouda (Principal)
Rosa Ismail (Assistant Principal)