AsalamuAlaikum Brothers and Sisters, 

We are continuously monitoring the current situation, and we regretfully inform you that all services (5 daily prayers, Jumuah prayers and all educational programs) are still suspended for the public at Selden Masjid until further notice. We make dua to Allah (swt) that this closure is short-lived; May Allah (swt) protect us all…Ameen! 

Emergency Food Assistance Program:

During these trying times we must remember the less fortunate members of our community, especially those who have been laid off or furloughed due to the current situation. We have started an Emergency Food Assistance Program for deserving families in our local Selden Masjid community. To provide immediate relief to deserving families and to expedite the qualification process, we have setup an online application where families can discretely and confidentially submit their applications and provide requisite information/documentation. Click here to submit the application. 

Please forward this information to any deserving family that you know, residing within 15 miles of Selden Masjid.
For affluent members of our community: please donate generously for this cause (sadaqah money) or for other causes at Selden Masjid by clicking on “Donate Here” button on this page.

Reminder from Imam Abdullah:

  1. Please do your part to help stop the spread of the virus. Do not leave your house except for absolute necessities. Constantly wash your hands and maintain proper hygiene.
  2. Pray all 5 daily prayers at home and encourage your family members to do the same. You will receive the same reward as praying in the masjid if that was your intention or habit.
  3. You should make jamaat (congregational prayer) with all the individuals (male and female) in your household, especially kids and teenagers. This is a golden time to bond with your family.
  4. Do not make gatherings for Jumuah prayer. That defeats the purpose of the ban. Pray Dhuhr in lieu of Jumuah.
  5. These bans and restrictions do not mean you should watch tv or binge watch on Netflix or waste most of your time with other non beneficial activities.
  6. Recite some Quran, some dhikr of Allah, and durood (salallahu alaihe wa salaam) daily. Even 10-20 minutes daily of everything (collectively) goes a long way. It’s the small and consistent actions that Allah loves. 
  7. Stay away from sins and constantly make dua that we get through this difficult time.

For any question or urgent situations (funeral) please send us an email at or call us at 631.732.1235.

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IALI Administration

Welcome to Islamic Association of Long Island, the first Masjid in Suffolk County, registered with New York state in 1974. We are also known as Selden Masjid. Our Masjid offers 5 time daily prayers and Namaz-e-Jummaa, Iqra Saturday School, Sunday School, Weekday Quran Classes, Summer School, Marriage Services, Funeral Services, and more.

We also host family night events on a monthly basis where we learn from a scholar or a professional on various issues and topics facing our youth, families and the community in general. We encourage you to participate in these events, for more information please send an email to

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